Customer Design & Layout Support Services


Our finished products ultimately end up as part of a larger picture. They power sensors in cars, medical equipment, cell-phones, and millions of other devices that are used everyday. But all big ideas have to begin somewhere. Our customers’ start in the Customer Design & Layout Station.

Thick-film circuit layouts are performed in-house using the latest in CAD technology. Whether our customers supply us with a schematic or a complete electronic drawing file, Our engineers

will create an efficient and functional layout. Circuit designs are generated and layouts are reviewed in order to improve circuit performance, optimize manufacturability, increase process yield, and to ensure reliability and on-time deliveries.


Printing Operations


Application of the conductor, dielectric, and resistor patterns is carried out in a room dedicated to this critical part of the manufacturing process.

Our large number of printers along with other specialized application equipment allows us to perform prototype runs without delay and execute several production jobs simultaneously. Here, circuits are formed, substrate holes are filled, and ceramics receive standard and specialized coatings.

Customers’ print screens are stored in the screen library, ready to be utilized for repeat orders.

Drying & Firing

After printing parts, they are in their wet state and need to be dried in our high-capacity conveyor oven. An infinite number of firing ‘recipes’ can be recalled from the system’s library of profiles, assuring repeatable firing conditions from lot to lot.

Additional belt furnaces are employed for specialty firings such as low-temp firing used primarily for specific dielectrics and sealing dielectrics.

Assembly- Surface Mount Technology (SMT)


Circuit populating is one of the varieties of assembly services offered.
Here, passive components and packaged active devices are mounted on the circuit surface using solder reflow technology. The process involves printing solder paste onto the circuit pattern, pick & place of components, and solder reflow utilizing a belt oven.Ceramics, PCBs, and ‘soft boards’ can be populated.

Assembly- Wire Bonding


In the wire-bonding station, we attach semiconductor die to the substrate surface. Connection to the circuit is made through either ball bonding or wedge bonding. Wire bonding is often used for other interconnections.

Pull strengths are measured as required.

Electrical Testing

A variety of electrical tests are performed to ensure circuit functionality, process integrity, and design excellence. We offer standard electrical tests including continuity checking, resistor measurement, and voltage measurement.Additional outside testing can be coordinated and we welcome customers to supply their own specialized equipment should it be needed.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific testing needs you may have.

Potting & Encapsulation


We also offer complimentary services such as potting, or encapsulation. This process is used in applications where a sensitive hybrid needs to be isolated from the environment. A single surface-mounted component can be protected or the complete hybrid assembly can be sealed within a shell.

Diamond Sawing & Dicing

Complementary services such as substrate dicing are also available. Diamond sawing is utilized for singulation of very small parts, for tight dimensional tolerances, and where square smooth substrate edges are required.

Inspection & Quality Control

The complete and far-reaching system incorporates calibration of measuring equipment and strict inspection criteria at multiple points throughout the fabrication process.

Subcontracted manufacturing facilities are carefully selected and monitored for excellence. This all translates to a reputation for high quality, part reliability, and value.