Thick Film Circuit Customer Design Guidelines

The experienced team at Hybrid-Tek will work closely with you on your hybrid program from start to finish – from the customer’s circuit design and layout assistance through final package assembly, testing, documentation, and delivery – or any stage in between. You will have the assurance of the highest possible quality with 100% useful parts.
Hybrid-Tek has been setting the standard and leading the industry for 30+ years.

Hybrid-Tek supports worldwide concerns that metals mined in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) may be making their way into the electronics supply chain.
Our policy requires supply chain partners certify in writing they do not knowingly procure their material from conflict areas of the DRC.

We do everything within our power to comply with Section 1502 (the “Conflict Minerals Provision”) of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act
to ensure that our materials are not only the finest quality but also ethically obtained.

*Dimensions are in inches unless otherwise stated.

Nominal Thickness:
-Al2O3 (Alumina 96%, 99.6%)
-ALN (Aluminum Nitride) BeO (Beryllium Oxide)
-BeO (Beryllium Oxide)
10, 15, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 mils +/-.005
Other thickness can be achieved by way of lapping
Line Width (min.)
Al203, ALN, BeO, Ferrite
Space Width (min.)0.006
Thickness (typ.)8-12 + microns/layer
Pull back (from diced edges, min.)0.004, 0.010, 0.004
Pull back(from scribed edge, min)0.004, 0.010, 0.004
Pull back (from edge of dielectric, min.)0.004, 0.010, 0.004
Alignment (front to back)0.004-0.008
Line Width (min)0.10-0.005
Space Width(min.)0.010-0.005
Minimum width relative to conductor width0.010 less, centered
Minmim Overlap With Conductor0.005-0.003
Minimum Valueas low as 1mΩ
Maximum Value1 GΩ or higher
Multiple Resistors (on one side of chip)Yes, parameter defined
Typical Tolerance (value)1%, 2%, 5%, 10%
Minimum Chip Size0.050x 0.050
Minimum Overlap0.003
Vias (filled or plugged through holes)
Diameter (min, max)0.005, 0.20
depending on board & thickness
Minimum metal overlap of pads0.010