Thick Film Circuit Fabrication

Standard ProcessesDescription
Print & FireCircuit Fabrication
MetalizingTypes of Metalizing
     -Multi-LayerAu, Pt, PtAu, PdAu, PtPdA
     -Double SidedAg, PtAg, PdAg, PtPdAg
Plated-thru Vias / HoleConnection top to bottom circuitry or to ground
Solid-filled Vias / HoleConnection top to bottom circuitry or to ground
DielectricProtection for underlying circuitry
Edge Plating / PrintingConnection to surface mount resistors
Thick Film Printed ResistorsAlternative to surface mount resistors
OverglazeProtection for underlying circuitry
Ceramic Standard SubstratesSurface Finish
91% AluminaAs Fired, Lapped, Polished
92% AluminaAs Fired, Lapped, Polished
96% AluminaAs Fired, Lapped, Polished
99.6% AluminaAs Fired, Lapped, Polished
Aluminum Nitride (Aln)Lapped, Polished
Beryllium Oxide (BeO)As Fired, Lapped
Specialty SubstratesSurface Finish
FerriteLapped, Polished
GlassLapped, Polished
MacorLapped, Polished
QuartzLapped, Polished
Substrate ProcessingInfo
Laser ScribeSingle / Array
Laser DrillVias / Holes
Laser MachiningPer Specification
Diamond Saw Cut+/- .002″ Tolerance
AssemblyCeramic, PCB, other board types
Surface Mount (SMT):
-Conductive, Non Conductive epoxy
-Solder reflow
-Solder lead / pin attachment
Circuit population using active & passive components
Wire BondingDie attach circuit populationg-semiconductors
Gold ball.001″-.003″ mil wire
Gold wedge.0005″-.003″ mil wire
Aluminum wedge.001″-.003″ mil wire
Product Testing/MeasurementOn HTI-Produced Units
Physical Dimensions(ceramic)Verify conforming to customer specification
Continuity / Netlist Connection integrityResistor Measurement Value verification / Data Recorded
Metallization AdhesionLeach resistance (verify adhesion)
Trace Thickness & Width (conductor, etc)Verify conforming to customer specification
Wire Bond Qualification / Pull TestingBond strength
Wire Bond Qualification / Shear TestingBond strength
Burn-inCircuit stabilization
PerformanceDesign confirmation
EnvironmentalEndurance verification
Leak Testing Using FluidVerify Hermetic seal
Engineering/Support/CADLeading to HTI circuit fabrication
Circuit ConversionConvert from PCB (G10/FR4)
Artwork GenerationFor circuit pattern definition
Advanced ProcessesCeramic-based circuits / items
Packaging, Potting & EncapsulationCeramic, Glass Fiber Filled Plastic, Diallyx Phthalate
Ceramic Glass SealingCeramic Packages
Photo Patterned Thick Film (Etched)Fine Line Geometries (0.0015″):
-High Speed Circuits (>50GHz)
-High Density Circuits
-High Temperature Circuit
Plated up thick film circuitsHigh Current/High Power:

-Ni, Cu, Au


The experienced team at Hybrid-Tek will work closely with you on your hybrid program from start to finish – from circuit design guidance and layout assistance through final package assembly, testing, documentation and delivery – or any stage in between. You will have the assurance of the highest possible quality with 100% useful parts. Hybrid-Tek has been setting the standard and leading the industry for 30+ years.

Hybrid-Tek is aware of Section 1502 (the “Conflict Minerals Provision”) of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. While not directly affected by the Act, Hybrid-Tek supports its customers’ reporting obligations. Hybrid-Tek does not knowingly procure conflict minerals which directly or indirectly finance armed groups in the Covered Countries.