Thick Film Circuit Fabrication

Standard Processes Description
Print & Fire Circuit Fabrication
Metalizing Types of Metalizing
     -Single-Layer CONDUCTORS
     -Multi-Layer Au, Pt, PtAu, PdAu, PtPdA
     -Double Sided Ag, PtAg, PdAg, PtPdAg
Plated-thru Vias / Hole Connection top to bottom circuitry or to ground
Solid-filled Vias / Hole Connection top to bottom circuitry or to ground
Dielectric Protection for underlying circuitry
Edge Plating / Printing Connection to surface mount resistors
Thick Film Printed Resistors Alternative to surface mount resistors
Overglaze Protection for underlying circuitry
Ceramic Standard Substrates Surface Finish
91% Alumina As Fired, Lapped, Polished
92% Alumina As Fired, Lapped, Polished
96% Alumina As Fired, Lapped, Polished
99.6% Alumina As Fired, Lapped, Polished
Aluminum Nitride (Aln) Lapped, Polished
Beryllium Oxide (BeO) As Fired, Lapped
Specialty Substrates Surface Finish
Ferrite Lapped, Polished
Glass Lapped, Polished
Macor Lapped, Polished
Quartz Lapped, Polished
Substrate Processing Info
Laser Scribe Single / Array
Laser Drill Vias / Holes
Laser Machining Per Specification
Diamond Saw Cut +/- .002″ Tolerance
Assembly Ceramic, PCB, other board types
Surface Mount (SMT):
-Conductive, Non Conductive epoxy
-Solder reflow
-Solder lead / pin attachment
Circuit population using active & passive components
Wire Bonding Die attach circuit populationg-semiconductors
Gold ball .001″-.003″ mil wire
Gold wedge .0005″-.003″ mil wire
Aluminum wedge .001″-.003″ mil wire
Product Testing/Measurement On HTI-Produced Units
Physical Dimensions(ceramic) Verify conforming to customer specification
Continuity / Netlist Connection integrity Resistor Measurement Value verification / Data Recorded
Metallization Adhesion Leach resistance (verify adhesion)
Trace Thickness & Width (conductor, etc) Verify conforming to customer specification
Wire Bond Qualification / Pull Testing Bond strength
Wire Bond Qualification / Shear Testing Bond strength
Burn-in Circuit stabilization
Performance Design confirmation
Environmental Endurance verification
Leak Testing Using Fluid Verify Hermetic seal
Engineering/Support/CAD Leading to HTI circuit fabrication
Circuit Conversion Convert from PCB (G10/FR4)
Artwork Generation For circuit pattern definition
Advanced Processes Ceramic-based circuits / items
Packaging, Potting & Encapsulation Ceramic, Glass Fiber Filled Plastic, Diallyx Phthalate
Ceramic Glass Sealing Ceramic Packages
Photo Patterned Thick Film (Etched) Fine Line Geometries (0.0015″):
-High Speed Circuits (>50GHz)
-High Density Circuits
-High Temperature Circuit
Plated up thick film circuits High Current/High Power:

-Ni, Cu, Au

The experienced team at Hybrid-Tek will work closely with you on your hybrid program from start to finish – from circuit design guidance and layout assistance through final package assembly, testing, documentation and delivery – or any stage in between. You will have the assurance of the highest possible quality with 100% useful parts. Hybrid-Tek has been setting the standard and leading the industry for 30+ years.

Hybrid-Tek is aware of Section 1502 (the “Conflict Minerals Provision”) of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. While not directly affected by the Act, Hybrid-Tek supports its customers’ reporting obligations. Hybrid-Tek does not knowingly procure conflict minerals which directly or indirectly finance armed groups in the Covered Countries.